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The Frog Meister
22nd September 2003, 10:36 AM
technicians hate mondays!!!!!
Here is a script from a call (not sure who tho!)

'My computer shuts down after a brief time online, and it keeps happening.'

'You've got a virus thats affecting computers worldwide...'

'No I haven't.'

',,, called MSBlast. Do you get a message box saying something about Remote Procedure Call?'


'Then you've got the virus I'm afraid.'

'That's not possible.'

'Right... Well as far as i can see, thats the only reason that it would shut down after a time online.'

'So if I did have a virus, what would I need to do?'

'Contact your PC vendor and they can run you through removing the virus.'

'Who would that be?'

'Well, whoever you bought the PC from.'

'Which would be?'

'Well if you bought the PC from PC World, you'd need to call them.'

'Oh.' *hangs up*

Goddamn retard.