View Full Version : Risky @ H20 Wakefield 12th July

13th July 2003, 11:58 AM
I am not too good at reviews especially when i feel like i do know:'(

But just wanted to say that last night was a top night. Met some great peoples like Pianoman, Danny Kavannah, Maddox, Ben and the usual crew.

Didnt see all pianomans pa but what i did see was spot on. And well don madox and ben for the top tunes.

Sorry to hera about cat not been to well you and joker missed a good un but i am sure you will be making up for it soon.

Also nearly forgot nice to finally meet you Miss C (Cheryl)


13th July 2003, 12:11 PM
Cheers for that Andy!. I hope those who saw the PA @risky yesterday enjoyed it from the live element to MR Maddox singing and doing his Tom Jones impression!!.

Was nice to meet the people who stopped me looking like the oldest swinger in town on the dance floor and said Hi.

I just wanna thank mark Risky an co for the chance to play the new PM stuff out, an thier hospitality. Thanks to any bugger who took time to watch the PA and listen to the new stuff.

A lot have asked when Maddox's "All I have to give" is going to be released, well............... SOON but He's got a mini tour to sort yet, kinda a few more PA's at various venues, Then it will be released somtime in october, with a Techno mix like Tomcraft kinda thing too.

the next PA is at liverpool, THIS is where we bring Scouse House to the Scousers!, SO if any OSA lot want to be guest listed for this event at SUNRISE (above 051, Liverpool Center) on friday 22nd of august Just let me know and I will sort it.

I hope u get better Cat, so Jen an you are in the place very soon.

Take Care

13th July 2003, 07:32 PM
Massive thanx 2 all those who turned out to see us perform takin into consideration that it was my first time singin live on stage i thought we took the roof of h20 last night, Once again big thanx 2 all who came 2 watch, But massive respect to james for all the hard work hes put in over the last few months to make this happen, an for jo and dannie for providing that magical piano sound and big shout to catherine for doin a top job on her song along side me, And cheers to marc and arron for havin us, See u all soon on the tour, cheers:D

Miss C
13th July 2003, 08:11 PM
Well done 2 maddox n ben n pianoman n all the dj's it was a top nite. Nice 2 meet u 2 at long last retroandy. Maddox i told u id sing along every word!! N there i was raving rite at the front 4u ;)
That lass cathrine had a realy good voice aswell. N wot the hell were them bloody multi coloured paper things they were showering us with!? They got stuck all ova me! Shame all the balloons got popped in the first 5 minutes tho! Woz js tryin2 dodge the men wiv the video cams all nite, it was a good nite bt still i dnt fancy watchin my smashed self back again!

24th July 2003, 07:57 PM
Wel what can i say, what a top night, Pianoman what a top set, was especially pleased with the blurred remix, and equally surprised with the dee dee tune massive respect to u all, special thanks to James , Maddox, Dannie, and of course Jo, for makin it all happen. Caught it all on video, Dannie, nice sun glasses mate!!!LOL

Cheers Again

Good luck for the future pianoman!!!

Marc Mackender:phones: