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7th June 2003, 09:02 PM
I must admit before the night i thought there wouldn't be many turning up as mootas quite a fair bit away. I was soon surprised when i walked in and found the spot packed.

I walked in the place about 10pm straight away i knew it was gunna be a top top night...smiley faces all over the place + a massive amount of fit birds in little skirts...what more could you want.

Only trouble was that someone got bottled in the lads bogs but there was plenty of bouncers there to sort the shit out.

I soon felt at home and started banging the disco biskits into me and felt great. The sound went a bit muffled a couple of times like which pissed mikey off a bit...but the man pulled through with a cracking set of italian and spanish tunes...I might add that this left everyone creaming their crackers and people who i never met before were soon spreading the butter.

Well done to DJ Jonno for pulling through with his set..i'll look forward to hearing you at the next un mate. Some quality tunes u banged out fella.

Mikeys set was exactly what it said on the flyer...BUZZ. i've been waiting for an oldskool night like that for a long long time.

Only thing is dont give the mic away to ice cream men coz they just fuck things up!

The night definately went a success...We need more nights like this.

If your into zone/ italian synth or bouncy spanish tunes then get yourself to the next Buzz night.

Oh did anyone notice the old lady knocking shapes out on the dance floor she was a classic.

Can't wait till the next one c u's all there. I'm still in the process of sorting my head out so i will add more things as they come back to me.

Well happy


7th June 2003, 09:29 PM
It was a top night indeed Jamie, I got there for 10 and heard most of Dj Dobbys set which was a good blend of italian and uplifting trance and hard house, noticed he was a cd mixer instead of vinyl which made a change.

next up was Dj Jonno, he played the usual italian classics (soul & body/dj miko/paul harrys/loree williams and so on............) the dance floor was packed even though there was some sound system troubles!! Mikey was on after Jonno and what a set! tune after tune, the first 3 were Xeya "take me/fun fun "im needin you" and X-tress "ive got the feeling" which sounded well mint.

unfortunatly i had to leave at about 1ish cos i was at work at 7 in the morning and had a bit of a drive back down to Kendal! Wish i could of got pissed instead of having drive back so it was a sober night but when the music bangin it doesnt matter!! Lets hope there's a few more Buzz nights and it proves that the italian scene is still alive and kicking.

keep up the good work lads.......


7th June 2003, 10:09 PM
I didnt know u turned up mate until mikey said back at his...shame i never got to say hello to ya...always next one if ure going i kno i am.


8th June 2003, 09:20 AM

Sounds like it went down a treat!
Well done lads for bringing the scene back to West Cumbria.

;) :cool:

8th June 2003, 01:18 PM
Originally posted by jamie_crichton
I didnt know u turned up mate until mikey said back at his...shame i never got to say hello to ya...always next one if ure going i kno i am.


I did ask Mikey to point you out but i don't think he could find ya at the time! will be at the next one so i'll see ya then :thumbsup:

13th June 2003, 10:46 PM

the night will be back up at moota motel, but the sound system , and lighting is getting replaced, with the sound system from the old forum nightclub. the night was banging when i was on the decks it was that hot in there that i shobbered my self right up with losing 10lbs in sweat. me and tant were mixing with cd decks and mikey and jonno with vinyl decks, but next time im gonner take my vestax up, and do half cd and half vinyl set.
kev and jamie , u should of come over and introduced yourself to us. pictures of the night will be up on our site by mondayhttp://www.pastnpresentpromotions.co.uk if there not up keep checking , also the full night was recorded and we will be selling the full night on cd 4 cds in total.
300 people came through the doors well thats what it said on the counter, everyfucker was happy as fuck,it was a good mixture of people from different areas of cumbria, even people from widnes and kendal up here. next event will be massive we are gonner try and get 500 people up there next time.

biggest laugh was of the night was ice cream ( mc jonno j) from wigton, getting on the mic on stage in front everyfucker not sure about the mcing but this guy could fucking dance. put most of the ravers to shame.
tants set was just a warm up to get people warmed up, it was a good quality set, he palyed braveheart a housy mix which i havnt heard for years. wicked tune. i just played a usuall set which i play in passions nightclub, tunes included camisra, freedom, amen uk, italian tunes from 1994,5 and the best classics from the 90's played a few newish tunes as well, lock and load vs perfect phase, when i played this mc aki-d was vocal scratching he was awesome , this lad is only 17 keep up the good work son.
next u was jonno, he hasnt dj'ed in any nightclub before , just in the bedroom, but boy he done well considering we had a few difficulties with the left hand channel going off on the amp.
ozzy mc was class was knocking some good rymes out which are stuck in ma head now, they wont fucking come out.
mikey what can ya say fucking awesome hes the best dj i know, his mixing is sound.and his collection is un-believeable u must agree.

keep checking the site for details of the next night, by the way that old lass had a fucking beard no joking. ha ha

keep this scene alive guys why we still can

13th June 2003, 10:58 PM
Good to hear theres another comin up....nice one let us kno when the pics are up of the night i'll try n spot meself on em.


anyways no doubt i'll ave crack wid u n kev i'll come over n say hello at the next one. Good to hear the sounds systems getting sorted.

yeah that ice cream man...what te fuck was that all about AHAHA

by the way that old lass had a fucking beard no joking


looking forward to the next one :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:bj:

14th June 2003, 08:13 PM
pictures are up on the site of the buzz night, http://www.pastnpresentpromotions.co.uk

14th June 2003, 08:28 PM
Nice one!!! some proper funny pics in there!!!


is there a doctor in the house??


Wheres the bogs luv?