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Armando Needlefluff
24th May 2003, 09:35 AM
:D :D :D
What a top top night, a big :thumbsup: to Quey and everyone else that put the effort in to the night,Butty,Recca (nice to meet ya mate ), RJ etc
It was a F**kin blinder
Got to butty's about 8:30 to find the most shockin mess ive ever seen and butty tryin badly to iron his shirt, the first thing out his mouth was were's deedee thought she might wanna clean up for me lol:naughty: :naughty:
Dj Qual e ty had a police acadamy moment (when that bloke finds his car with the seats ripped out) cause butty's tunes where allover the floor without sleeves.
dropped butty of at the music box (thanks to Dave for navigatin) and went to courtneys,
which was pritty offencive to the ears, the usual jokes where made about how this was butty's usual spot and he played the same stuff lol
met up with woody, tez, John, tigger, biskit, miss cola & miss say say (ants codshite partner lol )and thingymebob that come with ya soz(oh i jonkers, you aint got a relative that plays for st helehns have ya ) (oh cheers biskit ;) :fekked: i still owe you a pint mate )
Made our way to the music box no probs gettin in then the fun began the place is nice and dark and basic the way clubs should be and the sound system was nice and loud .
they played all the old skool you could shake a shity stick and there where some top tunes played.
The atmosphere was ace and no trouble seen although there where a couple of weirdos in there and they all wanted to talk to me for some reason.(eg some kid prolly half my body weight when wet through plonked himself next to me then mumbled i could run this club single handed WHAT?? was my reply then he repeated him self oh said i, then he came out with do they play football in here. another when i was havin a boogy & a sing along some bloke said you dont look old enough to know these tunes ive come to the conclusion he was either Gay or had his beer googles on.
Hi to joker, minxi, shabba, Big T & anyone else i met lastnight its a bit of a blur and my heads hurtin
oh butty,s misses hello, forgot ya name sorry
:axe: :axe: im tranna think now but me brains really hurtin
then to round the night off i got lost on the way home ended going the wrong way up the M60 :confused: :confused: not quite sure how but we all got home safe.
signing off for now :mad: :mad: :fekked:

24th May 2003, 09:43 AM
couldn't have put it better meself had a top night:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

just trying to pull me head from up me arse now where it seems to be firmly lodged:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

one miner downpoint for me. once again I was that twisted I never actually met any one of the board that I've not met before:'( :'(

oh apart from grimmy nice to put a face to tne name m8

deffo going to go to the one on the 27th june

24th May 2003, 05:59 PM
Got in there at about 10.10PM to find the place almost deserted. Had a quick gab to butty, got the drinks in and sat down.

Welly was up first and played a crackin' first set! Made a nice change from the typical tunes played at Maximes and the like. It was when I got up to get more drinks that I noticed the club was jam packed with about 100 peeps waiting to get served at the bar!

RJ really got the place movin' and butty came on and played a wicked set! Rockin from start to finish! After butty's hour on the decks I was fekked from dancin' and drinkin too much and had to sit it out for Stu Allens set.

Nice to see a few familiar faces in there butty, easty, bigtruck, woody. Didn't manage to see many other peeps from the board this time round.

T'was nice to put faces to some names that being biggie and it was also nice to finally meet Recca at last. A nice set from you there fella!

Sorry, if I've missed anyone else out but I was really fekked and can't remember much.

Stayed until about 3.50AM when I had to finally retire to go to me bed. I was absolutely fekked:axe: :axe: :crazy: :crazy:

Overall, a V.Nice night. Lookin forward to the next one!

24th May 2003, 06:05 PM
Had a really fantastic night, great to meet you armando.

Thanx to everyone else who was there, everyone was so friendly, you just don't get that in other clubs.

Nowthen!!!! What happened there then, falling asleep!!!!

We were all trying to find you, couldn't believe you didn't turn up, it was yer birthday night out!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Butty for sorting everything out, definately be going there in the future i think. Won't wear white pants next time though, severe lack of ashtrays meant tha everytime i picked my bag up off the floor and put it on my knee to get something out, i was covered in black crap. And no matter how many times i did it, i just didn't learn.:axe:

24th May 2003, 07:01 PM
what an amazin night. massive respect to quey for hosting what was one of the best nights out ive had in a long time. every dj played theree nuts off. the range of tunes couldnt have been better. there must have been over 600 people there and for a first event that is an achievement and half. i know how hard hes grafted promoting the night and for it to come together (quick plug there for nath and co ;) ) like it did was cool as fcuk.

massive respect to everyone off osa who came and supported me. i proper enjoyed my set and playing to the osa crew made it all the more special.

DJ Qual-e-T
24th May 2003, 08:46 PM
A Big Big HELLO !

to everyone who attended Timeless last night.

Top Tunes, Top Peeps & a Top Night.

A wicked night, and top sets played by everyone.

Big up Quey for all the legwork promoting what was the best night out I've had for quite a few years.

Nice to meet some of the board members, and have a 'Good Ol Sing-a-Long'.

Miss Cola
24th May 2003, 10:18 PM
Hello to everyone who went last night, :thumbsup: nice to meet some new faces, Had a cracking night!! :D
Dj qual-e-t i have to say you get the :thumbsup: from me with yours and tracy's (miss saysay) sing-a-long to nearly every tune, :D LOL!!

LOL @ Armando 'THINGYMIBOB' is jonkers m8, he had trouble introducing himself due to one eye pointing South West and t'other North East! He also had the trots for a bit of the night, which made his seating arrangements that bit uncomfortable, Jonkers even quoted at one point that his backside feels like its got a leather casey shoved up it!! All was well, after a few visits to his favourite place in the club, the Loo!! LOL!! :| :D

Anyway nice to meet yas all again, Joker, cat, clair wrexham, n-minx, shabba, bigtruck, butty an stacey, woody, and to everyone else ive forgotton to mention and didnt get round to meeting!! :D :thumbsup:

Nice one peeps!!

Nic! ;)

25th May 2003, 02:09 AM
yes indeedy *in true stu allan stylee* laaarge!!
best nite i've had for ages and ages!! was fanfookintastic!!
big respect to the DJ's u all played blinders (as we've all come to expect by now!!) tunes galore all nite!!
good to meet all the osa posse again, quey,bigtruck,john, easty (top top fella- i owe ya one mate!!) grimmy,biggy, armando, cat n joker, biskit, tigger miss cola n ya little sis :heart: :p minxy shabba, n big t (mr rock the dancefloor!!! lol) not forgettin the dj posse RJ buffy the vinyl player lol and recca (mr smiley) and of course little miss wrexham (wkd bird!!) thanks for bringin my future wife out to play :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
hope she enjoyed it as much as me!!!
hope to see everyone there next month, i've booked it off work already!!
bringin old skool back to manchester!!!! keep it up fellas!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked:

25th May 2003, 02:46 AM
Well done lads & lasses - sounds like u all had a tip top tastic time at a quality event :thumbsup:

A little bird tells me that u might (just might) be be getting hold of a certain Mr Willott for future events ? If so then the ellusive Shoom will be there with clogs on ;) So maybe I will be making the trip from down here to you lot up there (where u talk funny, the streets have cobbles, you eat 'barms; (wtf lol !), the rainbows are in black & white & you is dodgin the bullets & the rain ;) )

Errrr - will I need to bring me passport ? ;)

Take care peeps. :)

25th May 2003, 03:08 AM
yea wot an amazing night it was, only getting my head together about now coz its been fecked for the past 26 hrs :fekked: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked: :fekked:

nice meeting all u peeps of the board and hope too see u all there next month esp miss cola's lil sis, theres 1 girl who wud know how to break a lads heart:heart: :heart:

25th May 2003, 03:26 AM
only just got my eyeballs back together, well one of them because one of my eyes is glass like detective columbo. lol :D nice to meet some peeps off the board last night at the music box.
Me & biskit still have not been to bed yet we decided to have a weekendd bender seen as its bank holiday! tigger jibbed, understandable really, hes getting old now! lol :D
nice to meet armando and dj qual-e-t, you and miss say say should enter a kareoke comp'!! glad really that I was in no fit state to listen, cause you to sounded like you were strangling a cat !! j/j lol :thumbsup:
will be definately at the next one! :guitar:

Miss Cola
25th May 2003, 10:44 AM
Originally posted by bigtruck
miss cola's lil sis, theres 1 girl who wud know how to break a lads heart:heart: :heart:

Little sis??? Cheeky bugger!! lol! she 's two year older then me, but she is very dinky isnt she!! :D And lurrrrrrrvelyyyy!! ;)

PS.....Tracy says a big hello to everyone who went friday night, esp. Dj qual e-t, who tracy said made her night waffling utter shite to each other! :thumbsup:
She said she cant wait to see yas all nxt time and hopefully meet a few more peeps!!

northern minx
25th May 2003, 06:01 PM
wot a F***in Belter of a nite!!!

absolutely fantastic! excellent sets! the tunes were just proper blinders, spent most of the nite with me hands in the air, :'( at one point! and had a thoroughly good stomp!
dancefloor crew - respect!
shabba i love ya!
big t - wot a star fella u r!
didnt we miss tall paul ont dancefloor! and his big smile!
so good to see everyone, miss cola, biskit, tigger, triple x, all the backroom crew! armando good to meet ya, woody,
joker jen (loved the toilets waffle crack!) cat yr ace! and my mate melvin thought u were a hot chic! ;)
and butty cheers fella, and thanks for t cd, it went down well at the salford party!
and a big thanks to laura, for grand hospitality and cheers to the 15 other cumbrians, good to see yas all - hope u hav gotten yr arses on ere and see this!! lol!!!

and soz to all peeps from on ere that were there that ive forgot to mention coz me heads full of cotton wool! or i didnt get to meet ya's
always next time

and with defo b at another of these nites! classic! cheers everyone :groupflip :heart: :luv: :heart:

Big T
27th May 2003, 12:00 PM
A top top night:D :D :D
Don't think i stopped dancin all night apart from when i fell straight on my arse trying to kick a bottle away from under my feet:$ :$ :$ :$ :$
Good to c all the crew out and will definatly be at the next.:roll: :roll:

Take care till next time


27th May 2003, 12:15 PM
A big big thankyou to all the OSA crew! What a blinding night, and you all made it extra special! ;) Gonna make sure the next one is even better (If thats possible!) lol

27th May 2003, 01:29 PM
Only just landed back on Planet Earth yesterday after a top Friday night, good to see alot of ya again and some new faces! Sorry if I didnt seem very chatty, my heed went west at one point, plus it doesnt help bein up at 5.30am on friday and not gettin to sleep till Sunday! I blame Tigger for it all!! lol j/j m8 :thumbsup:
Defo' be at the next one! It was nice to walk in, and 'French Kiss' was being Banged out! Thats all I can really remember, that and Qual-e-t and Saysays kareoke hour!! lol :D:crazy: :guitar:

27th May 2003, 03:02 PM
Originally posted by Big T
A top top night:D :D :D
Don't think i stopped dancin all night apart from when i fell straight on my arse trying to kick a bottle away from under my feet:$ :$ :$ :$ :$

I saw that, it really was a quality arse over tit moment. That floor was dangerous by the end of the night, more beer on the floor than behind the bar!!!!!!!!

Good to see u again Big T.

northern minx
27th May 2003, 05:14 PM
Originally posted by 'Shabba'
more beer on the floor than behind the bar!!!!!!!!

that wudnt b 2 hard with the bastad bar shutting at 2 :naughty: :naughty: wasnt happy bout that, i was bloody parched i was!!!! ;) :p :) :heart:
and wen i asked the owner if i cud please hav a drink he said ' hav u not got a watch'
lol..... actually i havnt!!!!!! :)

30th August 2003, 01:55 PM
HAHAHA!! Ive only just seen this thread!!! I had a belting nite!! :thumbsup: Hmmm, seemed to talk alot of absolute waffle and have a good ole sing song with Qual-e-t!!!! Brilliant!!! Thats what i call a good night!!! Esp, when none of it makes any sense what so ever and ur fekked if u know what u were just goin on about!! :D :D :D :confused: :D :axe: :axe: