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6th April 2003, 01:52 PM
Under the mis-impression that Club Retro from Tall Trees, Yarm played retro tunes, me n Gaz went to Ascension in Manchester where Paul Taylor, Nick Hussey, Oliver Lang, Ben Burgess co were djing. (Retro dj's)

The staff took ages to let us in, sying Gaz's t-shirt was not smart enough, cos it had a line across it. :$

I explained we had been on the net and heard reviews about people being refused if they were too smart, heres some of the reviews from manchester.com club reviews, which give you an insight into the club before I have a rant:


Are reviews that are at all negative about Ascension allowed? They appear to have been deleted. Anyway, given all the hype Ascension is fairly ordinary. It is still early days and I`m sure there will be changes in 2003 but the first month was a fiasco. Still no idea what the door policy. And I have personally seen many people being turned away without a reason given. I would add that they didn`t appear drunk or likely to start a fight or any of the usual reasons for preventing people from entering. As for the club it`s nowhere near as good as Sankeys at the moment but perhaps that`s not their intended market. Very well lit for a club so dress to impress; probably more for people wanting to be seen than those who wish to dance. These things change so fast that by easter it will probably be totally different.
Rating: 2/5


Bad location well over hyped! the door staff had were pricks, appartently you have to wear trainers and faded jeans to get in, shirts and trousers are to smart according to the door staff? dont waste your time Asension is crap.
Rating: 1/5


Managed to get in after the bouncers were turning people away left, right and centre for being too well dressed. Told me they wouldn't usually let me in becuase my hair wasn't funky enough and they liked un-ironed funky shirts?!?!? Inside looked the part although it was dead, doesn't touch North, Sankeys,
Rating: 1/5


1.5million obviously doesn't get you much these days! Looks about five years old already. Very average .
Rating: 3/5


absolutely awful. - love the club dont get me wrong but all the people were interested in looking good and not the music (which was bad funky house). Bouncers *always* make ppl w8 at the door to make the club look good and it took an hour to get in and put me coat in - disgraceful
Rating: 1/5


So we were eventually let in,....although perhaps it would have been best if we had been refused.

Its in the middle of no where, a very strange location for a club, though this should not matter ie the Cricketer is in the middle of no-where, and Ive had a couple of good nights there. :confused:

Its supposed to be the best / hyped club in Manchester. :@

Although the mixed toilets (ally mcbeal style) were a novelty, it was just a plain club, and its not even that big. By comparision, MR Smiths in Warrington (although being a shit club music wise) is a far superior club for size and style. :crazy:

A bottle of cheap beer was 3.00, and Gaz went and got a round in, 2 spirits, and 2 beers and it was over 17:axe:

NOW,...onto the music.

Perhaps we had misunderstood what sort of music it was going to be, but i had seen various adverts:

http://www.club4it.com/clublife/AscensionListings.htm says

Main Room:
A celebration of house classics 1988 2000
DJs: Paul Taylor, Nick Hussey;


Retro at Ascension. Hugely popular house music classics night takes on another northern residency. Retro DJs will be playing all the dance/rave hits of yesteryear every month at Ascension from now on. 10pm-2am. 10/8 advance.


We stayed no more than 2 hours, as we could bear no more. I assume by classics and retro they meant shit hard house from 1999 - 2002.:@

What a waste of time and money, and we sacked off going to Back to the Old Skool, the week earlier to try this place. (roll on the next Back to the Old Skool in Wigan) :$

This is a tacky club, the music was crap, the door staff were daft about dress code, the drinks were over priced, and if this is what manchester has to offer, then Gary Hypnotic must be rubbing his hands together in glee, cos Wigan is where its at.

Right Im off to set fire to 60, as it will be money well spent compared to last night.:eyebrow:

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6th April 2003, 08:01 PM
It sounds a top night mate..!!! not..
I hate bouncers like that, think they are f'in it. sayin that ive been to clubs where they leave you outside for ages and when you get in theres about 30-40 people in there..I cant believe the music was shite, i have some top nights at retro when its a the Foundation in Wakefield. Any way thanks for tellin us if i drop by Manchester i will keep well clear of that club..

OldskoolDazed (al)
6th April 2003, 08:17 PM


6th April 2003, 08:21 PM
Yeah i know mate, he is abit. Only in it for the money now but been to some top nights there. Going to Space at h2o next week, so hoping thats going to be better. A friend of mine went last time said it was good but the sound was abit poor. think theyve sorted that problem out now.. Cant wait to go!!!:D

7th April 2003, 11:41 AM
Originally posted by OldskoolDazed (al)


i was waiting for a comment like this from you Al;) ............... you're just jealous because he came up with the idea of putting brass disk over 'berry' before you came up with it;) ;) :p hehe

7th June 2003, 07:16 PM
Originally posted by Dannie Kavanagh
I can understand your feelings about a Retro night - especially if things have gone wrong from a venues point of view.

I have been to only one Retro thats been spoiled, by staff from the club itself I guess it happens to us all at sometime or another..

I wouldnt really take it personally with PT though.. I've worked with Paul for just over a year, and he's a really nice bloke..

The majority of his nights are also very busy - and the atmosphere is usually very, very good - the crowd are a great bunch of people that follow him everywhere!

It is a shame tho.. when a good night is spoiled by doorstaff that have a major chip on their shoulders - and an IQ of a housebrick to match.

Dannie the venue was a bit shit, but my Major complaint is the Retro night that says on the flyer club Classics.

You expect to hear club classics.

In future the flyers should say *shit funky house that the young lasses like, which encourages the club to fill with beer drinking lads who dont care about the music*

Taylors been dj-ing for long enough to know what club classics are.

Its a shame that its about making money, rather than filling a niche in the market.



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8th June 2003, 09:53 AM
Ya right in a way there mate, but i think its where ya go to see him play. Best place as got to be the Foundation in Wakefield ya get a mixed bag of people there and always up 4 it, some people tell me now that Tall Trees is fillin up with pissheads. Even Taylor admited it in 1 of his news letters.

Miss C
8th June 2003, 11:52 AM
I agree with u there sped, foundation in wakey is quality n it attracts a mixed crowd, its always packed out aswell so paul must be doin summat right, they could really do with some air conditioning in that place tho!!Sweaty as.N ull like space at h20, its not the best venue in the world but the music n atmosphere r wot makes it good.I'll c ya there m8


8th June 2003, 12:04 PM
Went to space a few months ago thought it was great going to miss the space vs goodtimes this week as im going to Tall Trees for a stag do so it looks like i'll be around aload of pissheads me sen:crazy: deffo going to the next 1...:D