View Full Version : Maximes - Back To The Old Skool 22/02//03 Review

24th February 2003, 01:05 PM

Decided to go Maximes Back To The Old Skool, as I had not been for over a year, and Butty was DJ-Ing so thought I would be able to blag a few requests.

Got in there about 11.20, after a ridiculous 2 for 1 offer at Yates round the corner. (Far too drunk!!)

The club does look better than it used to, I think i read someone elses post, and yes I think the stage dj area has been improved, and it looks better.

It wasnt too busy so you didnt feel like sardines on the dancefloor, but it was still pretty full.

As I say I was very drunk, and cannot accurately remeber every detail about the night, BUT I know I had a belting time. :drum:

I am pretty sure I didnt hear one bad tune.

A good blend of italian / old skool and nu-skool piano tunes :p

This night is back up there, no fights, nice atmosphere, and a very good way to spend your Saturday night.

Get yourself down there for Back To The Old Skool, cos it rules.

Big respect to all the Dj's - Sorry I couldnt remember exaclty what was played, as I was wasted. Its funny, you would remember if you heard a bad tune, but not all the good ones, but there wer plenty of belters.

Great night mr Hypnotic - Keep up the good work.


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