View Full Version : Maximes 01/02/03 - Debbie D's Birthday Party

4th February 2003, 04:22 PM
I'll try and do a review of the night, or at least what i can remember of it.....:fekked:

50 of us Cumbrians arrived at Maximes for what was hoped to be a good night as it was Debbie D's Birthday Party. I wouldnt like to say how old she is now but put it this way we've been to a few of her bashes in the past, to us though she IS the Zone.

We finally got to the club just before 11pm due to some very dodgy driving by our coach driver and we were pleased to see a big queue already but gutted that we had to stand at the back of it....lol
If anyone hasnt been to Maximes its right bang in the centre of Wigan, it looks tiny from the outside but its actually massive inside and as one of my mates put it it looks like your waiting to go into a shop. After we waited 10 minutes or so we finally got in, had a brisk search by a lovely female door attendant:eyebrow: and walked into the club.
The club itself is set on one level, theres a big dancefloor in the middle of the club with a bar facing the dj box. Theres several podiums around the place if that takes your fancy as well

By 11pm the dancefloor was already starting to fill up and when Rick Jones started dropping the classics that we have all come to know and love it was hands in the air all the way. From what i can remember it was a mix of piano and Italian and it went down a treat with the punters.

After Rick had finished his set i can vaguely remember the sets of Kenny Hayes and Andy Pendle.
I thought Kenny Hayes would finish the night to be honest and maybe thats where his set deserved. Andy Pendle played quite late on and it was a decent set, maybe slightly more floorfillaz than what i've come to expect from Andy but maybe thats coz of his late slot?
On reflection it was a good night and out of the 50 of us Cumbrians not one person didnt leave Wigan without a huge smile.
If i had to find a grumble it would be that there seemed to be more floorfillaz played than old skool but it didnt spoil the night at all and thats just my opinion anyway.
Highlight of my night was giving Debbie D a big hug and mumbling something in a broad West Cumbrian accent and i dont think she had a clue what i was on about....lol

I saw no trouble and am i right in thinking Maximes has had a bit of a refurbishment, particulary at the stage area, in any case it looked better. Anyone who has any pre-conceptions about this place should re-visit it because the change in the past two years that i've been going has been huge and for the better.

Pats on the back all round me thinks