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2nd January 2003, 09:59 PM
i decided to go to maximes this year ist time ive been on nye.decided to go with it being local and wigan pier was 25 and maximes was 15 plus getting the bonus of old skool with new tunes.

i got to club just before opening time ,there was already a big queue.the tunes for the ist half hour where trancey then for the next few hours it was gary hypnotic and moggy b2b which was about 70%old skool they got the place rockin to see in the new year with mc irie on the mic.

about 1 we where treated to the maximum spell pa and zone hypnotic which was a ll good tunes,it was worth 15 just to watch andy d and gary hypnotic supposedly playing the keyboards.

then after the pa it was rick jones ,got the usually quality set from rj.i dont remember much after that spent most of the time in the chill out hammered.

went back on the dancefloor about 4 the club was emptying by now and was fairley quiet.we all stayed till the end i think it was dj ectic or daz birchall on at the end .

it was the best night ive had at maximes ive never seen the club so full you couldnt move until later on.and there was no trouble.

only downer on the night was having to walk home at 5 in the morning and it was pissing it down.