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1st January 2003, 11:59 PM
Alright peeps.

Ill let someone do a more detailed review in the replies to this, cos I'm a bit tired at the mo. But for now heres a summary of the NYE event.

Got to Courtney's at about 9.45pm.

Bit af a q for the bar, got a few drinks, went and said hello to the crew.

Quite a few more OSA peeps than I expected, which was cool.

Said hello to the usual crew, FANTASTIC to see (sorry if I forget n e one here) in no particular order, butty, pixie :pixie: , recca, rick, claire, joker (nice to speak to ya this time) , rich, tonksi, various peeps other halves and so on...

(usuall chat with Rich about where am I gonna get a copy of LAN from, and we set the world to rights about how top Italian tunes were, as always, heheh)

The tunes were pumping all night, only heard a couple of tunes I wasnt too keen on, generally all tunes were good solid classics, with driving piano. Would be nice to hear a few more of the underground tunes that dont get played much, but the stuff that got played was great anyway.

Cheers for ROL - Touch Me, Trix Mix - Party People, bla, blah, blah.

All the sets were great, I'm not picking a fave dj out of Recca, Rick or Butty (sorry if there were other dj's I aint mentioned) cos I cant, they were all good. All sets were suitably varied, Nu Skool and Old Skool, some larger 1995 piano choons, in a Pianoman stylie, with classic 89-92 choons. Cannee argue

Courtneys is a big pub, with a central bar, and room to dancearound the DJ box and aroung half of the bar.

Theres an upstairs, good for chillin, (an a little bit of 'illin)

Big place, but packed out. (Hope you cleared up guys, moneywise that is)

No fights I saw, everyone seemed friendly, even the bouncers, though that was probably due to their compulsory tipping sceme, with thier buckets on the way in, lol.:ba:

:@ RANT---------------
Only 1 complaint. Not enough Bar Staff. Missed maybe an hours dancin or chattin tine, stuck at the bar. (20 minutes a time). 3rd time, I ended up losing my temper, and shouting at the bar staff, (and I dont think they were to impressed) I wouldnt mind, except they were serving other people instead of us, it was like we were invisible. It spoiled things in a way cos you were in a naff mood when you got back to your seat / dancing area. (mind you it was to be expected on NYE ,s'pose) The solution, I have determined, is to grow Breasts!:drevil: I guess the real losers are the management, they would have sold thousands of pounds worth more of booze, if they would have hired 3 more bar staff.
:$ RANT OVER-------

Overall had a great night, but it just seemed a bit short cos of all the queing.

So in conclusion, top peeps, top choons, and packed.

N E way well done Butty, success;)


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3rd January 2003, 03:37 PM
spoke 2 the head honchos at courtneys mate about
the bar bein rammed n waitin too long to get beers in n it was coz they only had 6 bar staff on whereas they normally have at least 8 on - a couple didnt turn up unfortunately and thats why there was problems. apologies to people who had to wait and theyre gonna make sure there better equipped on the bar staff scene for future events.

3rd January 2003, 04:02 PM
Nice one fella.

Apart from that it was a top nite!

Any one else going to write a review??:p

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Armando Needlefluff
7th January 2003, 10:56 PM
Had a really good night