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Eddy Osborne
27th December 2002, 02:04 PM
Me personally had a wicked wicked night and cant get that 'get crazy tune' out of my head. Everything was top i even feel perfectly fine this beutiful morning and have had the decks pumpin out!
Once again the nite was full of madness and met loads of TOP people off here!
Me and a mate was getting a drink from the bar when this magician came up to us he asked for a fiver so i gave it him, i watched him as carefully as i could and before i knew it, it magically turned into a 50 note,mad as fek:S :S :S

Heres a shout out to all the peeps i met last nite!

Danny R,Big T, Howsey and Italian style - good night want it buds see ya tonight if your cumin out!

Ste Huxley - first time i met you mate, top bloke and cant wait to here u on the wheels of steel sometime in the future!!!

Pixie - What can i say apart from that ive never met a cooler old skool chic in all my life, we had a rite stomp didnt we, see you at the next one babe!!!!

Tall Paul - I buzzed off watchin u singin ya tits off to every song cant wait to see you soon if futue bud for some pumpin piano!!!

Ben Fisher - arite bud! me and adj will give ya a ring soon about arrangement details for nye! top meeting ya again! and nice set met feckin kicked ass!

Biskit - LOLOL i was dancing next to you for about half an hour and danny came up to me goin 'oh so youve met biskit' i said 'no why' cos hes next to you lol. nice meetin ya fella for the first time! see ya in the future bud!!!

Wendy n Wayne - it was ace meetin u 2 again other than the corn mill!everytime i saw u wayne u were none stop dancin top bloke And wendy i'll try and shrink next time i see ya so i can fit in your pocket LOLOL ;) see you 2 soon

Vibealite crew - benson - joe - see you too soon for next rewind/vibealite doo! top blokes see ya soon!!!!

And anyone else ive forgot im sorry but im sure my memory will come back to me soon!;)

great nite bring on the next!!!!!!!!!!

Laterz Liquid E

27th December 2002, 03:39 PM

27th December 2002, 04:19 PM
feckin aye man......i'll second that:D

Goodtimes was absolutely awesome last night. full stop:crazy:

.......dj vertigo.......:heart: :heart: :heart:

27th December 2002, 05:01 PM
One thread for all your Goodtimes reviewage and comments on the night ...

Merged all the other threads into this one .

27th December 2002, 05:16 PM
Attened goodtimes lastnight, and i just wanted to give a shout-out to all the following peeps who made this one of the nights of my life............it really was a classic boys and girls:

OldSkoolDazed (Al) - Good to meet you sir. a fountain of tuunnee knowledge you are indeed sir. maximum respect. (what a tune that "reese project" tune is by the way......keep yer eyes peeled.........he he).

Biskit - Glad to see you joined the party mate. Anyone who has the love for old-skool as you do mate, gets a :thumbsup: in my book. (oh......i shud av stamped on that silly blonds head ireckon! he he. as you said mate "theres always one.....") top bloke:)

Sweet Sensation - think "sasha & vertigo are heroes" was the topic of the night for us! good to see you again mrs:axe:

Grad - Sound as a pound. full-stop:D

Ste Huxley - Good to meet ya mate. a dictionary of tunes you are fella. many a chat we had mate, respect for that buddy (and mate, i'm tellin ya i adnt taken owt!! i just love the music......he he:phones:

Pixie - lovely lassie;) keep on dancin pix;) you're always there to make us peeps smile:D see ya again soon mate

Tall Paul - Mucho respect to yet another old-skool head.:thumbsup: yer never stopped smiling buddy, which is what its all about innit:axe:

Woody - anyone who loves the old-skool is always a pleasure to talk too:crazy: good to meet ya buddy

Wayne'n'wendy - good to meet the both of ya's

Italian Style - me old-skool sparrin partner;) ;) everytime mate, everytime.....:)

Liquid-E - another old-skool peep who needs maximum repect:p

Housey - good to finally attend a goodtimes with ya mate, hopefully one of many;) a top, top peep you are joe:D

Big-T - part of the crew as always tom me old mucka:rotate: ;)

+ anyone else ive missed. sorry if i have .........

A big shout out to ben & mic for doing another splendid job. The line up was fantastic, the atmosphere was fantastic and so were the tunes..lol:heart:

never stopped smileing all night, and after all............thats what its all about:D :D :D

27th December 2002, 10:30 PM
it was a top night indeedy, one of the best yet..vertigo was amazing..smoother than smooth..

will write a bit more when me head comes back but it was great to see everyone again :thumbsup:

Armando Needlefluff
27th December 2002, 11:02 PM
Had a great night as usual nice to meet loads a peeps off the board dont remember much but here goes.
Al (Mr oldskool), Vinyl animal,Flange, Grad & sweet, Joker, princesswarrior + fella, Dannster, Tigger, Tonksi + 1, ste h, biskit, The really tall tall paul, Pixi, ben, bigT, and anyone else iv forgotten, sorry but things are still a bit hazy (keep on thinkin of people as im writing)
Musik was sound but wasnt over keen on Vertigo he went a bit wishy washy and borin but didnt notice much cause i was that fucked.i eventually had a piss at burtonwood services(oh would of liked to of seen X.T.C there)
A big big respect to woody (you know why????) HaHa (who was that in the woody T shirt.
Not like the other let down!!!!! :p eerrhhherrm (j/k) bud.
think my brains begining to stop working cause im typin like ozzy osbourn.
see ya soon

:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :confused: :|

Armando Needlefluff
27th December 2002, 11:11 PM
Originally posted by grad

will write a bit more when me head comes back but it was great to see everyone again :thumbsup:

:| :| LOL Fuzzywuzzywasawomen:| :|
ya know thats exactly how im feelin:axe:

Musta mist all u folks see ya all next time

Eddy Osborne
28th December 2002, 01:06 AM
Yeah lookin back at this post know i cante believe it was yesterday, me, italian style and danny r were just talkin about it all nite after havin some beuty beres!!!!! Sory if spelin not too good cos been havin a gud tinmee in pub!!! so once again Thanks to the OSA crew!!!!! TIOP PEEPS!!!!

P.>S. Rick thanks for makin me as special thread leader lol!

Laterz budz!!!!!:D

Liquid E

The Joker
28th December 2002, 01:19 PM
Yep it was a top nite, my apologies 2 all those I know & the new peeps I met on the nite I wasn't on the best form 4 an hr or so, but next time watch out!!

28th December 2002, 02:17 PM
Top top night, respect GT and ALL the usual suspects!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

28th December 2002, 02:58 PM
Absolutely luv'd it, I had an absolute blinder & so did my girlfriend Nic. At last I met you all, well most of you, it was hard to keep up meeting peeps, listening to the tunes, dancing, drinking, and coping wiv mi blurred vision!!

Nice to meet the OSA crew & thanks 4 a top one at GT, shouts to...

Rich (VinylAnimal), Joker, Al (OldSkoolDazed), Ste H, Sweet Sensation & Grad, Alec (Armando) & Deedee, Tall Paul, Flange, Pixie, Ben, Dannster, Woody, Adam (Italian Style), Danny R, Liquid E, Jaxxster, Big T & Tigger for gettin us there!!!!

I'll hopefully be at the next one and BTW after that very confusing conversation we had in the lads bog Alec, did you eventually have that pee?? lolol :D

Armando Needlefluff
28th December 2002, 04:51 PM
Originally posted by Biskit

I'll hopefully be at the next one and BTW after that very confusing conversation we had in the lads bog Alec, did you eventually have that pee?? lolol :D

ye about 3:45 in the womens toilets at burtonwood services lol
me legs wouldnt carry me all the way to the blokes loo.

Haha ??????what board???????lol you though i was some nutter id only met ya half an hour before.

28th December 2002, 05:52 PM
Originally posted by Armando Needlefluff
Haha ??????what board???????lol you though i was some nutter id only met ya half an hour before.

lolol:D My heed went west, I was there thinking, 'Board?? Cardboard, What board?? On Board?? I kept tryin to focus on ya, closed one eye then realised it was you Alec?!? Total waffling conversation!! lol:D

28th December 2002, 09:54 PM
I really enjoyed the occasion also! Was it me or was it fekkin freezing in there though (maybe me as I remained almost motionless throughout the evening:axe: :axe: !!!!!!!!

Top scratchin BTW Mr. Fisher!

tall paul
29th December 2002, 11:39 AM
Quality Night was had thanks to superb tunes from all the DJs (but think I'll give Vertigo the prize for the best set IMO) and a massive turnout, everyone was well up for it so big thanks to....

Liquid E, Howsey, Big_T, Italian Style (nice one for the drinks Tom, Adam I thought u were gonna crash thro the dancefloor at one point u were jumping that high), Danny_R - A man who clearly loves his tunes - especially when Vertigo was on.
Richie(VA) - finally done 'the swap' but can't remember what tune I was meant to remind Jonno about , Flange - good luck with the car hunting, & hello to the blonde girl who was with yas (don't know her name).
Oldskool Al - always a pleasure, Sweet & Grad - perfect travelling companions - hope ur havin a good 'un in Morecombe, Pixie - Never stopped stomping ALL night, Cat - partner in choir, Ben - top scratchin & good to hear Area51 get an airing, Dannster with another quality piece of headgear, Tonksi & Michelle - the pair of ya looked well happy all night (still trying to work out if I have met Michelle in Bowlers - r u sure it was as late as '95?), Alec (Armando) - Glad you finally had the piss, Wayne+Wendy (Good to see ya again - met u @ Cornmill but didn't realise you were W+W off the board), **Bloody hell this list is endless!** Joker, PW + Boyf, Woody (& appropriately named T-shirt), Tigger, Biskit + Nic, Paul(Maddox), Kris, Joe, Sarah, Holly & anyone else I've missed - nice to see ya again!

Cheers once again to Ben & Mik, let make sure it carries on getting better thro '03.

tall paul
29th December 2002, 12:12 PM
...the man like SteH :axe: - Top bloke, sound to see ya again - hope didn't get to scared by the speed demo to Joe on the way back, believe it or not I actually managed to find my way home with no problems after I dropped you off. Hope to see you again soon!

29th December 2002, 04:30 PM
yeah top top nite!!! was well pikkled me lolol
nice to meet eveyone and of course the usual suspects...

glad you liked my t shirt lol, should be compulsary for future osa meet ups/ events..

been one hell of a week, roll on courtneys!!!

ste huxley
29th December 2002, 08:08 PM
Quicky, top night!!!

Vertigo No 1, w/o question:cool:

Wicked Shouts to the usuals and all the top guys n gals I met on the night, was pretty pickled so wasnt jumping about as much as usual, see yas at the next one!


Time for a kronenburg lol

29th December 2002, 10:02 PM
of u remembered to ask vertigo what the tune with 'emotion that is pure' was and am about to pm me with the answer????

italian style
29th December 2002, 10:54 PM
finally had the chance to come on ther board, avent been on since b4 gt, had shit loads on me mind, anyway f**kin top nite had by us all i think, deffo 1 on me all time frav's all the dj's were ace, quite afew tunes played which i feckin loved 'the tape', 'keep it comin' and me most frav at the nite ideed by danny exodus to paradise 'rock it' nice 1 ben made me nite that tune:thumbsup:

as for the osa turn out, i don't think we could of asked for owt better glad to see very 1 again seemed like every 1 had a top nite:D ,

hope to see every1 there at the beggining of feb;)

cheers for a top nite

adam;) ;)

Dj M Jaxx
30th December 2002, 02:10 AM
Originally posted by Biskit

Nice to meet the OSA crew & thanks 4 a top one at GT, shouts to...

Rich (VinylAnimal), Joker, Al (OldSkoolDazed), Ste H, Sweet Sensation & Grad, Alec (Armando) & Deedee, Tall Paul, Flange, Pixie, Ben, Dannster, Woody, Adam (Italian Style), Danny R, Liquid E, Jaxxster, Big T & Tigger for gettin us there!!!!

MMMmmmmm.....cheers Biskit. Nice to know I was there in spirit. how long was you talking to me for then, and was I wafflining codmuck again lololol :D

Gutted I missed this one, but will be back with bells on for the next one :eyes:

Jaxxy :phones:

ste huxley
30th December 2002, 08:02 PM
PS, Massive shouts to Tall Paul for giving me a lift home at 4:00am!!

Your a superstar m8:cool:

PPS, Shout to Zac I think???? For giving me poppers lol;)

30th December 2002, 08:27 PM
I had a wicked night, twas nice to meet you all, dont ask me to name you all cause im crap wiv names and faces, i agree totally with woody that them there T shirts should be compulsary, it would make my life a lot easier and you wouldnt have to put captions under the photies when they are posted!sorry if i seemed a bit ignorant by not chatting alot but i couldnt tear meself off the dance floor (no bad thing i suppose), Big Big shout out to me new stomping partner dunno his name but he had WOODY written on his chest for some reason!! On a serious note that shirt was a life saver cause when everything got a bit hazy coming back from a trip to the toilet and things i didnt spend hours looking for me mates i could see you from a mile off....
till we all meet again...

31st December 2002, 12:48 AM
Well what can i say....TOP FOOKING NIGHT!!!!:thumbsup:
The BEST Boxin day ive had fer a long time n a big shout out to everyone i seen n chatted/said hiya to...:D:D:D:D
Gotta say Vertigo did indeed play the best set of the night ...but what a night of quality tunagio by all eh?
Me n Michelle had a bliiiiiinder see ya again next month peeps:thumbsup:
PS Ben pleeeeeease say u got it and its goin on sale...soon?

Tonksi & Michelle - the pair of ya looked well happy all night (still trying to work out if I have met Michelle in Bowlers - r u sure it was as late as '95?

Cheers m8 we had a really mint night she loves GT so my eeeeevil conversion technique worked Bwuahahahahaha:drevil:

Ill ask her if she went pre 95 m8 so its sherlock T on the case.

PPS Once again thanks to Ben n Mik for a top night.

PPPS I like the t shirt idea.....

PPPPS Mik did u sort out yer eye u mad bastid...u were adamant not to leave till the end...U looked like ud took on Rocky fellar..hope yer ok bud:S ;)

31st December 2002, 12:30 PM
Hi Paul ,Michelle here.....I dont know properly what year i started goin to Bowlers maybe about 94-95 so I may have seen u then.

Happy new year to all n see u lot at Courtneys.

31st December 2002, 04:39 PM
Originally posted by tall paul
Flange - good luck with the car hunting, & hello to the blonde girl who was with yas (don't know her name).

Just remembered that conversation m8!!!! must have been about FTO's and Celica's!!! - Think me and you always end up talking motors - usually about your "7 million brake horse fanny magnet!!" lolol

Blond girl is the Wife - Angie - she says Hi...

1st January 2003, 05:43 AM
god - look at time im typin thids - ha ha -just like to say - had a fantastic night - everythin was brill from the magiacian to the vast osa turn out to - the MC to the after party peepol! - thanks to pixie and ben for a mad masher - nice one fer the champers ben - quality m8 - i earned it tho - ha ha - pix - top one - was your 2 heads mashed after spendin sum time in our mad mash room - they are a wierd bunch my mates but they mean no arm or leg even - respect to room 203 for the fone call to suggest lower volume ha ha - was R karl avin it tho - no chance the masher - hes ere now concked out - howz u lot bean! - h a - guess wot im more minced than a minced pie an ive not even steven ad nowt - keep the faith - im rendered just downloadin some rare prodigy shit to keep our karl appy - thinkl he has gone to bo bo land now tho - kat has disintegrated like gtated ches on toast - kiss kiss - i am on the prowl for some toastmwahahahahaha hic erp - seeya inabit:icecream: love u all an all that espeshialyy blah blah blah bl bl blah bla blah blahb labhalbaaaaah a b;aaaaaaaaaaaah X

Big T
2nd January 2003, 01:24 PM
Well fuck me what a night. Can not say 1 bad thing about it. Everything was exellent. Good to meet some new peeps i've never met but i've seen all somewhere before.
Sorry about the delay just got back to work and thats the only computer i can get access to.
I'll see u all at the next 1.

2nd January 2003, 07:00 PM
Yeah top night, it was good to meet a lot of ya...tall paul, ste huxley, pixie, sweet sensation, Dannster, italian style, woody and anyone else I haven't mentioned.

Thanx for a top night Ben, top scratchin.

see ya all at the next one.

p.s haven't had poppers in ages Ste, they were needed.

3rd January 2003, 05:06 PM
Hi to you all and here's mo (mini) review as I think you've all covered it!!

Had a fab and top nighht after a couplke of months away from the oldplace. A good mixture of tunes, DJ's and rooms with lots more things to do.

I really like the idea of two rooms as even though you can love your OS to death, it's still nice to have somewhere to wander to if you well, just fancy a wander !! :axe:

Top for the merchandise stall too and I think Steve seemed to do a roaring trade on there and again, a good place to go for a bit of a mission.

Wasn't massively keen on the dancers but didnt' really take much notice of the bloes, I think they were better than the girl though.

Maybe the solution is to let people dance on the stage bits when the dancers are getting changed and then you get the best of both worlds..... dunno. I think if the dancers are good they can really make a club rock (same as MC's) but if they're crap they just get in the way. These ones were ok but I think you could do better for your money.

A top turn out by all and I'm not even going to mention all the names as I don't think I could if I tried.

A special shout out to Dannster and the Toby Carvery after hours posse..... thanks for letting me bum a lift down with you all and for inviting us to your after-party. Your mates a chicken oriental but fantastic - I can see this becoming a regular thing (if we chop Karls hands off first or take the volume button off the cd player ;) )

also a huge thanks to Ben for inviting me as his guest and for being my Friday afternoon Ikea sales partner !!!! :heart: ;)

p.s. Moved to 'reviews section'

:moonie: :king: :drevil:

Eddy Osborne
5th January 2003, 09:31 PM
p.s. Moved to 'reviews section'

Back and forth like a bloody yo-yo lol. I posted this in the reviews and didnt even have that title i had 'GOODTIMES!!!!!!!! How was it for you!

Then I wake up in mornin and see that my title had been changed and it had been put in the chillout room by rick lol:axe:

See ya at next one!

Liquid E;)

6th January 2003, 10:03 AM
Sorry mate, Didn't realsie it had been moved from reviews in the first place.

If people start to waffle on the posts then we put them in chillout usually but most of the posts on here seem like people's individual reviews not just waffle so I moved it back.

Soz. :axe: