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1st November 2002, 12:26 PM
Maths test for Man Utd fans:
You must attempt all questions.

1. Roy is 78 yards away from the referee at Old Trafford. David is 65 yards away and Gary 37 yards away. If Roy can run at 21 mph, David at 16mph, and Gary at 6mph, who will be sticking their vein bulging forehead into the ref's face first, assuming Roy does not stop to decapitate an opponent onthe way?

2. If one minute of injury time is taken up in a game for substitutions, and one minute for injuries, how much injury time will be added on by the referee in Man Utd are losing at home?

3. Ryan is a Welshman. Express as a percentage the number of friendly internationals he has missed on a Wednesday evening compared to the miraculous recoveries he has made for the following Saturday when United are back in action

4. Man Utd are the giants of world football. How many more European Cup finals have they appeared in than Steaua Bucharest?

5. Phil Neville has 37 international caps. If you take away the number of appearances when he was the only adult male in England who could just about kick the ball with his left foot, how many are left?

6. You are the referee at Old Trafford. How near to a visiting defender does Ruud van Kneestillsore need to be to earn a penalty if he goes down in the box? Round your answers down to the nearest 20 yards.

7. Alex and 30,000 of his friends had hotel rooms booked in Glasgow for 15 May 2002. How many chickens were counted before they were hatched?

8. Rio is a good defender. He cost Alex 30m. Sami and Stephane are World Class defenders. They cost Gerard 6m in total. Who got the better deal?

9. Alex has won it once. Bob has won in 3 times. Alex has one, Bob does not. What are we referring to?? Explain your answer (because nobody else can!!)

10. Quinton is a non-EU national and needs to play in 70% of games to keep his work permit. Since 1999, he has played 43 games out of a possible 185. Express as a percentage the number of games he has missed, and explain why he has not yet been deported!

11. Diego cost Alex 7.5m and has scored one goal in 33

games. Jamie Carragher has never played for United and has scored twice for them

a) which of the 2 men is the more potent goalscorer for United?

b) How many more tiers should United build on the Stretford End to

ensure Diego's shots remain inside Old Trafford?

1st November 2002, 07:38 PM
n1 m8

5th November 2002, 03:01 PM

Will be baiting a few mates with that!!

Oh yes!