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sweet sensation
7th October 2002, 08:30 PM
Well what can I say.......:p

An absolutely top night again :thumbsup:

Got there before the bar staff !! Which makes a nice change..;)

Was in chill mode for a while, so sat down for a bit...Nathan was playing and he played some wicked tunes, St Etiene, Delite - What is Love ? (best delite tune imo) among others which I cant remember now :axe: but was nice to hear tunes you dont hear being played out that often :thumbsup:

Then I think Luke was on, another great choice of tunes eg Djaimie (?) which caused much discussion ;) couldnt stay sat down even tho I was knackered !!

Timo was next I think - hats off to you mate for being the most f**ked person in the place and then to do a storming mix aswell, that Armageddon sample was funny as !! :rofl:

Decided to partake in some extra curricular activities :eyebrow: and after that I never stopped dancing all night :drum: Ian was on (Doolzs mate - btw what happened to you ?? :l) and he played another blinder :thumbsup:

Had a good boogie with Jaxxy on top of a stool, felt like being on a podium !! Didnt want to get off there :fekked: went a bit mad to Screamer (again !!) what that tune does to me - I dont know !!! :crazy: :fekked: :p

Was quite chuft cos had a few comments on me dancing, and was told I made people get up and dance - cool :cool: :p ;) job done !! :p ;)

All in all a top night and big huge ta to grad (I couldnt have gone if it werent for you :heart: ) and also to Jaxxy, my top dancing partner :heart: ...oooh just remembered Timo played Double Dutch !! :drum: :p top top, aint heard that in ages...me and jaxxy went a bit beserk !!!:fekked: :crazy:

Didnt want to go home :( guys you have a good thing going there :D ;) :thumbsup: and you shall be seeing me at the next one :D even if some of the ladies in there push me out of the way...:p

Come on peeps - get your arses down to Come Together - you know you want to ;)

Sweet xx

Dj M Jaxx
7th October 2002, 10:56 PM
Hear Hear - Tip toperty night as usual - Hats off to ya chaps for the best night out in London ;) :cool:

Timo Garcia
8th October 2002, 11:50 AM
:$ :cool: aw thanks guys....

glad you did that review cause my memory is *ahem* a bit crap of the weekend....

i do remember having a wicked night though

mental note.... remember to eat, remember to eat :axe:

10th December 2002, 03:41 PM
Top review there Sweet:thumbsup:
Couldnt of said it better...tip top nite:thumbsup:

sweet sensation
10th December 2002, 03:49 PM
Originally posted by Tonksi
Top review there Sweet:thumbsup:
Couldnt of said it better...tip top nite:thumbsup:

Lol at Tonks !! :rofl:

youre on the wrong nite !!! :p ;)

10th December 2002, 10:01 PM
youre on the wrong nite !!!

Oh ferk:S:S:S my mistake..still got 'london lag':S:S