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9th September 2002, 06:08 PM
What a TOP TOP night, honestly cant remember having a night that good in AGES!!!!

I missed the first set, but from then on I will give my account (From what I can remember!!lol)

Andy Pendle - Well impressed with this set, cant remember much as I was entering :fekked: during this set but he droped a few corkers to get the night rolling. "Free food stamps and Free cheese cant be the cure for a sick disease" TUNE!!

Mark Mackender - Well impressed with his set, some classic Bowlers tunes, some of it from a little later on at Bowlers but some real classics in there.

XTC - Fekkin superb, didnt fail to live up to my expectations one little bit. This guys scratching is truly unbelievable and no matter how many times you see it you'll still be well impressed. A classic set from Mark XTC with some mint stompers in their to really feed ya addiction!!!

Daz Willot - Not much can some this set up apart from FUCKING AMAZING. A top fella who really know how to get the club buzzing, I cant remember the place being like it was during his set for ages and ages. Some top top tunes, with a mixture of oldskool hardcore and classic piano, every one a little different and excellent scratching etc etc etc. These are the people who pull in the crowds....MORE PLEASE!!!!

The night in general was brilliant, to those I know:

VinylAnimal - Your a fooking star mate, top to see ya again and had some right laughts in there. Foot and Mouth ;) .

Flange - Good to see ya again mate, top geezer, and nice to meet Mrs Flange too!!

M Jaxx - Ya mad fekker, usual bollox conversation upstairs...It all made a lot of sense at the time!!!!!!

Clare - If you werent there, the place just would not be the same....My number one starette !!!!

Grad - Nice one for the assistance on snapshotting Foot and Mouth...And for listening to my story on how I kept forgetting everyone I knew and was thinking "This is a good tne, never heard it before" to things like playing with knives and Edge 1!!!!

Sweet - Didnt speak to ya much :'( but nice to see ya and hope ya had a top night and things are going good for ya.

The Joker - You were funny, I remember us having some sort of conversations, and between the both of out mashed swedes it probobaly sounded very fooked up to any listeners. Hope ya head wasnt too sore yesterday.

Danster - Top hat again mate, remember being in that chippy and discussing how it was a 'Happy slave of society'?? LOLOL.

Taff - Good to meet ya mate, hope ya had a manic one fella.

Al - Glad ya got mashed in the end mate, Daz Willot and XTC were fekkin excellent werent they mate.

I am sure Ive forgotten some people and if I haver then sorry but I have a rather patchy memory of events!!!!

Nice one to Ben and Mick for organising the best night for a long long time!!!!

10th September 2002, 08:31 AM
pacman, nice review :thumbsup: but what about rob thurstons set? was the best of the night for me some nice harder stuff in there..not danced so much for ages..

10th September 2002, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by grad
pacman, nice review :thumbsup: but what about rob thurstons set? was the best of the night for me some nice harder stuff in there..not danced so much for ages..

Sheet, waht a numb head I had yesterday. I'll put something up about that when I get home.


10th September 2002, 02:35 PM
yeah, you've given a spot on review there mate... i have to agree with all that you said.

xtc - when scratchin was fuckin ace, not only in how it sounded but looked too.....he was just lookin at the crowds with no real care in the world at what he was doin, and at one point lightin up a fag whilst still goin with his fingers!

rob thurston & mark mackender were spot on with all the classics in there.....kept us on the dancefloor the whole time. remember thinkin that mark's sets was very sasha in style, with all the big piano uns that he used to cane.

ben fisher - soz mate, didnt get there in time to see you either.

daz willot - quality tunes were in there, but times a bit too hard for my head.......must be a lightweight. he knows how to sort it when it comes to using accapellas thou.......he used lots of em, sorting them out every time.

i remember the start of his set. i was on the balcony, and can remember seein everyones heads whack forward like what you'd see in a feckin mosh pit just as the beat kicked in of "manic - i'm comin hardcore" after the lyrics "the rhythm is hot".....madness it was............straight back down those stairs!

shouts to:

m-jaxx, grad, sweet-s, claire wrex., lee-dj (and all of your mates - i'm sure there must have been about 15 of the madheads) and anyone else i muttered to.

TOP TOP TOP night it was indeed.

sees you all again.


Dj M Jaxx
10th September 2002, 03:51 PM
:) Top top night

All the DJs for me played wicked sets, and great tunes from all

The best set for me - Rob Thursfeild

Every tune he played kept me dancing - cant praise his set enough;) Top chating with you too Mr

Special thanks going out to

V Animal, Cat, Joker, Tonlksi, Grad & Sweet - Without them I would have not made this one

Big shout out to the regulars and the newbie Danny R ( Nice to meet you feller

Top night - Thanks to Mik and Ben for another classic night of Old Skool ( Long may it cotinue chaps );)

Mash Up

Lolol and lots of top codshite

eg -

VA - Barbara Woodhouse died of Madcow's :D :D

VA and Al - Manchester games Bowls talk ( The in'S and out"s of this epic team final

Watchin Boselector - F*cking funny as, my ribbs are still killing me

Top-Top night as usual

Keep em coming:eyes: :eyes:

10th September 2002, 06:02 PM
:roll: :roll: :roll:
It was magical - every DJ outoperformed my wildest expectations.
Easily the best time i've ever had in a nightclub (for a long..... time)
I'd rather not review each DJ - I simply wouldnt do them justice with my poor memory of the night.

Danny R - absolute pleasure meeting you & your stunning g/f - apologies for not being in the best state to strike a full conversation! But i'm sure there will be a next time. I think i'll refrain from wearing grey t-shirts again (or sweat shirts in my case!)

The whole nightclub was packed, I brought 18 work mates/ family with me & every one enjoyed it in their own way... & i'm sure will be back for more! :groupflip on their behalf THANKYOU

It's now that time again for the long wait until the next GT - which will just be as great as the last one!

cheers Mik & Ben the real stars of the show


10th September 2002, 06:37 PM
Yep, I missed mentioning Rob T - Not because it wasnt a memorable set......Not by any means.

It was a quality set, much better than his last there woth some real classic old skool. "Way in my Brain" was very nicely pulled out of the bag indeedy!

Daz Willot was the best imo, but the thing is there was hardly any gap between em all...All fookin superb.

Another interesting thing is that there was such a range of style and oldskool tuneage that everyone was catered for.

Cant go on about it enough, but I'll stop for fear of boring ya's!!!!