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2nd September 2010, 02:53 PM
Itch Records Sunday Sessions @ Gigalum // Free Party This Sunday


Itch Records Sunday Sessions
@ Gigalum
7-8 Cavendish Parade
Clapham, (Clapham South Tube)

Sunday 5th September
16:00 – 23:00
FREE entry
Get a free shot on our guest list at the bar – info@itchrecords.co.uk

Itch Records slams in another big night out at Gigalum, so let us set the scene for you… It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re bored and the weekend is coming to a close. You could watch the Eastenders omnibus as the weight of the impending week begins to weigh on your shoulders… work just around the corner, 5 days of graft until the fun times begin again… or you could gather up you’re real mates - the ones that will hit the town with you when you need it most – and head down to Gigalum.

We promise you, wicked tunes from house, deep house, tech house, and even prog house, if you’re really giving it some stick on the dance floor we might even slip you a cheeky techno number or twenty.

The DJs we’re supplying are of the finest pedigree, ready to take your tired mind and wash away the worries of the world with their turntable titillation. So sit out on the decking, as the beats blast your concerns away and the ciders slip gratefully down your throat.

If you don’t believe us, check out the links below and see what our DJs deliver.

You know you want some, so get some.

See you there.

Itch Records.

Filth & Splendour – http://www.soundcloud.com/filth-splendour
Martin Bundsen - http://soundcloud.com/martin-bundsen
Redwolf vs Alex Hutch - http://soundcloud.com/del-wolf
Mathiue Mirande
Damo Rox