this section is here to provide you with a means of selling/swapping your unwanted vinyl, for this section to run efficiently then please follow these 11 simple rules:

1) when posting vinyl for sale please start 1 thread, it's up to you to keep this thread updated, and if at any time you would like to remove your post you can delete the whole post.

2) try and list the vinyl so its easy for people to read, and wherever possible try and put the asking price for vinyl, as from past experiences you will probably get more responses by being straight up with people and telling them what you want

3) if your interested in somebody elses vinyl then you can get in contact with them either by private messaging them or email'ing them click on the users profile to do either of them - please note in tihs section you cant reply to threads only start new ones

4) all tunes that are sold must be listed on the post. links to a list of sales on ebay etc are not allowed

5) please dont start a new thread for each vinyl for sale. wherever possible please make one post with many items for sale on it as to be fair on everyone selling there warez.

6) dont bump ya post up every other day so that is up top of the list. there is a limit to one vinyl for sale post per week (7 days) or one bump post per week for each member to give everybody a chance to get there for sales seen

7) sellers please state clearly on your post if the vinyl is not in perfect condition or is a bootleg/white label rather than the originals. buyers remember to ask the seller about condition/state of vinyl to find out if its acceptable for you

8) all vinyl purchases/swaps have nothing to do with this board we are simply a way of putting people in touch with each other just like a classifieds ad paper, we will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise

9) if you buy a tune off somebody and are happy/unhappy with the service then rate the seller/swapper by going into the thread and going to the bottom right of it and choose a rating for them, this will help other people decide if they should do business with them

10) please dont post vinyl4sale for other members of the forum, all vinyl4sale must be your own

11) any problems with sellers email butty, whilst sales are nothing to do with the site we will remove poeples axx that are unfairly selling/trading so that the same thing doestnt happen to other members