You can suggest a question for possible inclusion for future interviews in this forum. It is a great way of maybe finding out something you never knew but always wondered about some of the biggest names in the old skool scene.

We would like to say a massive thanks to all the dj's/artists/promoters who take time out to answer some questions from the osa massive.

We ask that you follow the following guidelines if you wish to pose a question in one of the interviews:

1) All suggestions for questions are moderated posts, therefore the post will not show up on the list of posts straight away. We will not approve any general chat or comment posts so please refrain from making them.

2) Not all questions that appear in the list will be included in the interview. We will pick out ones that we feel will create a decent interview for the masses to read, the ones picked out will be included with questions of our own.

3) Only one question suggestion per member is allowed as to give everyone a chance to put a suggestion forward.